Well drilling services

Directional / Horizontal

Well Drilling Services
Sophisticated directional measurement equipment and instruments can be provided, along with experienced professionals skilled in directional well engineering design and accurate well bore trajectory control. Our technical services can be offered for any type of directional wells such as multi-targets well, cluster well, horizontal well, extended reach well, as well as conventional directional well.

BRIGHTEK owns a complete fleet of rigs that complies with international standards. These rigs fall into two categories: electric-driven and mechanical-driven rigs, and have a rated drilling capacity to a depth of 9000m.

  • Onshore
  • Tidal and shallow water regions
  • Mountainous and hilly areas
  • Desert
  • Marshland
  • Rain forests
  • High temperature
  • High pressure strata
  • High pressure strata
  • Low pressure strata
  • Gyp and salt layers
  • Highly acidic gas strata
  • Complicated strata with severe mud loss and caving