Logging services

Brightek developed and manufactured the Logging Express Acquisition Platform (LEAP800), which has successfully been used since 2002.

LEAP800 features a user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art structure. LEEX, the new eneration, provides clients with faster and more accurate and reliable wireline logging data.

Logging data
Integrated interpretation of data acquired from wireline logging, mud logging and well testing operations offers solutions to a variety  of geologic problems.

Wireline Logging and Perforation Services
Conventional logging
Imaging logging
Dipole sonic
Horizontal perforating
Cased hole services

Mud Logging and Auxiliary Services

Well site surface logging
Mud logging evaluation
Drilling Monitoring
Formation and pressure monitoring
QFT services
WELLABTM NMR wellsite services
Chromatograph and gas detector
Logging charts and reports
Auxiliary drilling services
Mud logging data interpretation

Well Testing and Completion Services

Well Testing with swabbing
Well Testing with ESP
Well Testing with PCP
Well Testing with NAVI
Well Testing with hydraulic pump
Well Testing with nitrogen lifting
Multi-well well testing
Transient well testing
Isochronal well testing
Advanced well testing interpretation
Data acquisition and analysis technology