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Mud Pumps

Brightek produces a series of API7K-compliant mud pumps ranging from F-500 to F-2200. F-2200HL is a tri-cylinder, single-action, heavy-duty, high-pressure drilling pump with a maximum power of 2,200HP, maximum working pressure of 52MPa, and maximum displacement of 77.65L/s. CNPC owns the intellectual property rights of this modern and high-tech product.

F-1300, F-1600, F-1300L and F-1600L mud pumps have a Max. pump pressure of 34.5MPa (5000Psi) and a displacement of 46.5L/S with a liner of Φ180mm. These two models are the first choice for medium and deep drilling rig as an assorted component.

F-1600HL, F-2200HL mud pumps with high-power and high-pressure are developed to meet drilling requirements of offshore deep-water, terrestrial and horizontal wells, especially in desert areas.

F1-800, F1-1600 light- weight series mud pumps are newly designed. Compared with same power F-series mud pumps, the advance of less volume and weight which are appropriate for the rigs working in swamp and helicopter-lifting rigs.

QDP-3000 five-cylinder mud pumps, with large power, high pressure, big displacement, small size and light weight, are especially suitable for offshore platform and drill ship.