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Bright is a chess engine: a computer program that attempts to play chess.
If you agree to the license terms, you can download a public version below.


Use 7zip to unpack the archive.
Then consult the readme for installation and configuration instructions.

In case you do not have a chess GUI, you may want to download and install the Arena chess GUI first.

Optionally, you may download and install the Scorpio Bitbases to improve endgame play.


By downloading any of the files below, you indicate your consent with the license terms.

Files: (August 2, 2008, latest opening book by Wael Deeb) mirror 1 (March 22, 2008)
bright-0.2c.7z (December 23, 2007, initial public version)

i-perft-1.0.7z (April 25, 2008, a relatively fast perft, source & exe)