Briggs PB Engine

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Briggs and Stratton Model PB - Manufactured by the Briggs and Stratton Company. This engine was     made from 1923 to 1935, it was rated at 1 HP, it has a 2.50" Bore  and a 2.50" Stroke. It has the F-Head design.   It is air cooled with the power take off driven from the crankshaft. The engine and frame are    heavy by small engine standards, (about 120 pounds). During the time period that it was manufactured      this considered    light-weight. The engine appears to be in the original "Motomower" frame. The frame       has a large brass tag riveted to it. The inscription reads: "Moto-Mower Detroit Model 27 inch machine"   (More pictures on page two).
The serial number on the brass tag on the housing is: 25728 which dates to May 1929.    
I really do wish I had the rest of the mower that came with it but it  does make for an attractive display this way.
The engine runs well with the exception of shaking a bit while idling, The carburetor professionally rebuilt     by CPC Reproductions, a Briggs and Stratton authorized dealer. At this point the only remaining restoration  issues will be to get a gas tank and take the  dent that is in the blower cover out and re-paint it. I am in    no hurry as I like the way it looks without the cover on!

I purchased this PB model Briggs engine back in 2004. The party I bought it from on Ebay packaged it so poorly that when I received it from UPS it showed up on my doorstep in three pieces! This engine breathes with a Tillotson type J carburetor and has the solid cast iron oil sump.


Briggs and Stratton is the trade name of the Briggs and Stratton corporation.

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