Briggs NP Engine

This engine served as one of the power plants for the infamous "Doodle Bug Scooter". Doodle Bug scooters were manufactured by the Beam Manufacturing Company of Webster City, Iowa from 1946-1948 and were
sold by Gambles under the name: "
Hiawatha". The power plant, a Briggs & Stratton model NP engine, was produced from 1940-1954, this durable
4-cycle 2.00" bore X 2.00" stroke cast iron L-head (flat head)
engine that features the core Briggs and Stratton NP block that delivers the energy to the ground.

The Briggs & Stratton Model NP Engine...

 (type 306702, 306705, 306707, 306709 and
- Modified type K small Flojet two piece carburetor
- United Oil Bath Air Cleaner
- "Hot-Dog" syle muffler
- Mechanical Governor
- Kick Start Assembly (Including base) 

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There were 40,
000 Doodle Bugs manufactured from the spring of 1946 through the fall of 1948 by Beam Manufacturing of Webster City, Iowa.
Produced in four runs of 10,000 each, the "Doodle Bug Scooter" consisted of Standard Models
A (Briggs & Stratton model NP engines)
and B (Clinton model 710 engines).
Only 750 to 1,000 of the first production were the Model B,
(making it the rarest of all the Doodle Bugs). All Doodle Bug motor scooters
had kick-start engines and were painted red from the factory. Accessories   available were three headlight / taillight kits which consisted of :
1) Bendix headlight generator with a Do-Ray taillight for B&S only. 2) Do-Ray headlight and taillight with a six volt batter
y which would fit all scooters.
3) Make-A-Lite headlight and taillights used a six volt battery that fit all scooters.    In addition, there was one Delta brake light kit that used a type D battery.