Briggs 6S Engine

The featured engine here is a 1954 Briggs and Stratton Model 6S four cycle engine.
The model 6S was manufactured from 1949 to 1957.
This model has a recoil starter to start the engine.
This engine was built using the L-head design.
It was equipped with an adjustable pneumatic governor.
The air cleaner on this engine is an efficient oil-bath type.   
The type L, (vacu-jet) carburetor was used on this model.    
The exhaust is aspirated through a 1/2" NPT threaded port.
Gas tank is mounted externally to the carburetor.
The oil sump and head are cast aluminum.
The engine block is made of cast iron and utilizes fins for air cooling.
Piston and connecting rod are made of aluminum alloy.
The crankshaft is counter-weighted and drop forged.
Displacement: 6.28 cubic inches,
2.00" bore and 2.00" stroke.
Rated at 1.20 horsepower at 2200 rpm.
Rated at 1.48 horsepower at 2700 rpm.
Rated at 1.60 horsepower at 3200 rpm.
Operating speed range: 2200 to 3200 rpm.
Idle speed: 1750 rpm.
Lubrication: Pump or dipper type.
Ignition: High tension magneto. Breaker Gap: .020"
Spark plug: 14mm - Champion J8 or equivalent. Spark Gap: .025"

Oil capacity : 1 pint.
Gas capacity: 1 quart.

Briggs and Stratton is the trade name of the Briggs and Stratton corporation.

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