Welcome to my "Briggs FB restoration project".
I refer to it as a "bone yard" as it reminds me now more of a bone yard then it does an actual engine restoration in progress! Restoring a Briggs FB is a bit tougher then some of the other engine restoration projects I have attempted so far. The parts are somewhat more difficult to find then some of the other engines I have restored. For example, when I needed parts for my old 1906 IHC Famous I found them on the second attempt, (or second engine parts meet) I attended. But I have not been so lucky with this Briggs FB slant fin. It has been three years and running now, the two bolt head and the carb have been particularly elusive, (or way too expensive).
Of course as any experienced collector knows, patience  and persistence
should pay off in the long run. What do you think, A real dream or bust?

Briggs and Stratton is the trade name of the Briggs and Stratton Corporation.
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