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My Resume PDF
I would create a link to my resume at  I haven't found the link and there should be online resume search facilaties.  if the link doesn't exist, then it should.  I will try to post a resume somewhere, even though there is nothing worth seeing because its in the toilette.  My professional career has always been in the control of the "powers that be" which is how it should be.  But it doesn't say exactly what it should be saying, crap, about our "powers that be."  Anyway I spell it out, its all in the resume.


Private Tier Software
Private Tier Software Systems is a software company developed by me, Ronald A Jenkins, as part of a personal project to launch a business for myself.  Although I've written plenty of apps, a profit, or even a credit, hasn't ever been made with them.


Book (Road Away From Redemption)

Please review this book I've written.  I think you will find it amazingly well done.


My Picasa Web Album
Web Albums is also another new endeavor.  I haven't had much of a desire to publish any albums, other than just the ones that were put up on  A few other Public web services exist but I haven't subscribed to them. 


My YouTube Channel
Many, many various videos put together by me.  The videos are not  categorized and there plenty of range.  I took to vidiography when I wanted to progress from photography, and I went digital when the computers grew more powerful.  I love it and I try to stay active with it.  The range of my videos is simply out of enjoyment, and sometimes boredom, of trying different things.  A few of my favorites are NoUbunto and the trail riding series.  Drunken DDR is the most popular though,  probably because of the hidden rhetoric, or stupidity for some folk, and also the photos of half naked me. 


I am looking forward to creating more trail riding videos because it combines a few of my favorite gadgets: 

  • Videography with the helmet mounted cam.  I hope to get a few more before it dies of old age,
  • GPS and Cartography where I can upload the tracks to Wikiloc,
  • Programming where I have to interpret the data from the trail,
  • Photography where I just take pictures and record sites and, at most times, the beauty of the local.

Anyway, I digress, YouTube at is a place to uopload your videos.  The other advantage is sharing videos.  Because videos are so huge, even the super compress ones cant be emailed.  Believe me, I tried.  If I have a video to send to friends and families quickly, then I upload the video to YouTube then send an invitation.  

There are also other video hosting sites, but I haven't researched or subscribed to any of them yet.

My Best Vlog Yet:


My WikiLoc Profile
GPS Tracks created and uploaded by me.  WikiLoc at is a web site dedicated to preserving, and distributing trails through woods or other sorts of locations.  Wikiloc will tell the length of the of the trail, altitude difference, waymarks, and photos of trail for review before visit so that you are able to prepare.  All of which are very important to hikers and tourist.


My Geocaches Profile
Geocaching was my first tool to getting out of being locked up in a house twenty four hours a day.  It showed me that there was more to the world than just a computer monitor, mouse, keyboard, and television, which was a suspicion I had already had.  It also showed where some of the more interesting places where.  But gas prices and other people have worked against this mentality and made traveling about as much fun as walking to the convienance store, three blocks away, in ninety degree whether and  matching humidity level.  If this isn't a problem for you and stretching your legs is what you need, then create an account at  Wake up and see America for yourself.


My Waymarking Profile
There is plenty of places to see, and most of the time they aren't on the map.  at you can find these places.  I started a few searches and created a few waymarks, but the ideas still hasn't really taken off with me.  I'm sure it would have if traveling and free time wasn't such a difficulty.


This is just a a place for my statistics and membership displays.