Chapter 9-01 

A Brief History of the Internet 

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"Lurking Is Good. . .Remember. . .Lurking Is Good"

Those Who Would Be King, Part III

The Netiquetters


"We Are Surrounded By An Insurmountable Opportunity."

"It Is Like Drinking From A Firehose."

"Be Sure To Have YOUR Messages `Netiquette Approved.'"

These sentiments reflect a portion of the Internet who
have terrified thoughts and feelings about a wonderful
set of opportunties made available by the Internet and
other networks.

They are afraid of too much opportunity and would like
to make sure no one else takes advantage of such great
opportunities because it will make themselves look and
feel very small by comparison.

They want to make sure YOU don't cross the boundaries,
simply because THEY ARE AFRAID to cross them.

Their thinking is sociological rather than logical, as

1:  They are obviously afraid of so much opportunity.

2:  They want to reduce the pressure of so much highly
  available opportunity.

3.  This is because they are afraid someone else would
  make good use of this opportunity and leave them a
  footnote in their own fields as opportunity shifts
  into hyper-drive and nothing will ever be quite as
  sedate, staid, prim, proper, stiff and reserved as
  it was previous in a paper dominated room, full of
  stuffed shirts and Robert's Rules Of Order:  which
  THEY used to keep YOU from upsetting Apple and IBM
  carts with more horsepower than THEY were willing,
  and able, to use.

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