Chapter 10-01 

A Brief History of the Internet 

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TPC, The Phone Company

Those Who Would Be King, Part IV


My apologies for using the United States as an example so
many times, but...most of my experience has been in the US.

Asychnronous Availability of Information

One of the major advantages of electronic information is
that you don't have to schedule yourself to match others
in their schedules.

This is very important.  Just this very week I have been
waiting for a power supply for one of my computers, just
because the schedule of the person who has it was not in
sync with the schedule of the person picking it up.  The
waste has been enormous, and trips all the way across an
entire town are wasted, while the computer lies unused.

The same things happens with libraries and stores of all
kinds around the world.  How many times have you tried a
phone call, a meeting, a purchase, a repair, a return or
a variety of other things, and ended up not making these

No longer, with things that are available electronically
over the Nets.  You don't have to wait until the door of
the library swings open to get that book you want for an
urgent piece of research; you don't have to wait until a
person is available to send them an instant message; you
don't have to wait for the evening news on tv....

This is called Asyncronous Communication...meaning those
schedules don't have to match exactly any more to have a
meaningful and quick conversation.  A minute here, there
or wherever can be saved instead of wasted and the whole
communication still travels at near instantaneous speed,
without the cost of ten telegrams, ten phone calls, etc.

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