Chapter 00-09 

A Brief History of the Internet 

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The Internet Conquers Space, Time and Mass Production

The Internet is a primitive version of the "Star Trek
Communicator," the "Star Trek Transporter," and, also
a primitive version of the "Star Trek Replicator."

The Internet "let's" you talk to anyone on the Earth,
as long as they, too, are on the Internet.

The Internet "let's" you transport anything you would
be able to get into your computer to any Netter.

The Internet "let's" you replicate anything anyone is
able to get into their computer, from "The Mona Lisa"
to "The Klein Bottle" if you use the right "printer."

Don't forget the "SneakerNet" is part of the Internet
and let's you get information to or from those who do
not have direct Internet connections.  SneakerNet was
a term developed to describe the concept of sending a
file to someone nearby the person you wanted, and the
person would then put on his/her sneakers and run the
disk down the street for you.  From my experience, it
was incredibly obvious that SneakerNet traversed from
East to West and West to East around the world before
the Internet did, as I received letters from the East
and West as the Project Gutenberg Alice in Wonderland
Etext circled the globe long before the Internet did.

This is very important to know if you consider that a
possible future development might keep you from using
the Internet for this, due to socio-political motions
to turn the Internet into a "World Wide Mall" [WWM] a
term coined specifically to describe that moneymaking
philosophy that says "Even if it has been given away,
free of charge, to 90% of the users for 25 years, our
goal is to make sure we change it from an Information
Superhighway to an Information Supertollway.

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