Chapter 00-07 

A Brief History of the Internet 

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These Seven Deadly Sins, while named by various names and
by most civilizations, have nonetheless often been actual
laws; in that certain people were required, by law, to be
victims of the rest of their populations in that a person
might be legally denied ownership of any property, due to
racism or sexism, or denied the right to a contract, even
legally denied the ability to read and write, not just an
assortment of rights to vote, contract and own property--
there have even been laws that forbade any but the "upper
crust" to wear certain types of clothing, a "statement of
fashion" of a slightly different order than we see today,
but with similar ends.

You might want to look up laws that once divided this and
other countries by making it illegal to teach any persons
of certain races or genders reading, writing, arithmetic,
and others of the ways human beings learn to have a power
over their environments.

Power over oneself is the first kind of power...if you do
not control yourself, you will find difficulty in control
of anything.

Power over the environment is the second kind of power...
if you do not control food, clothing and shelter, you are
going to have a hard time controlling anything else.

Power over other human being is the third kind of power--
described above in the Seven Deadly Sins, a third raters'
kind of power.  Those who cannot control anything else...
must, by definition, have others control things for them.
If they don't want to depend on the voluntary cooperation
of others, then they must find some way to control them.

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