Chapter 00-06 

A Brief History of the Internet 

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  Destruction is easier than construction.

  This becomes even more obvious for the person who has
  a goal of being 10 or 100 times further up the ladder
  of success. . .given the old, and hopefully obsolete,
  or soon to be obsolete, definitions of success.

  "If I worked like a fiend all my life to insure I had
  a thousand dollars for every dollar you had, and then
  someone came along and wanted to give everyone $1000,
  then I would be forced to work like a fiend again, to
  get another million dollars to retain my position."

  Think about it:  someone spends a lifetime achieving,
  creating, or otherwise investing their life, building
  a talent, an idea, or a physical manifestation of the
  life they have led. . .the destruction of this is far
  easier than the construction. . .just as the building
  of a house is much more difficult, requires training,
  discipline, knowledge of the laws of physics to get a
  temperature and light balance suitable for latitudes,
  etc., etc., etc.

  But nearly anyone can burn down a building, or a pile
  of books without a fraction of this kind of training.

  People are used to lording it over others by building
  and writing certain items that reflect their lordship
  over themselves, their environments, and, last/least,
  over other people.  If they were not engaged in power
  over themselves [self-discipline, education, etc,] or
  over their environments [food, clothing and shelter],
  then they have only other people to have control over
  and that is the problem.  The don't want other people
  to have it easier than they did.  "If _I_ did it with
  the hard ways and tools of the past, then _YOU_ would
  threaten me if you use some easier ways and tools the
  present has to offer, and _I_ don't want to learn the
  new tools, since I have invested my whole life to the
  mastery of the old tools."  I have literally met very
  highly placed souls in the system of higher education
  who have told me they will quit the system on the day
  they have to use email because it removes the control
  they used to have over physical meetings, phone calls
  and the paper mails.  It is just too obvious if a big
  wig is not answering your email, since email programs
  can actually tell you the second it was delivered and
  also the second the person "opened" it.

  This is why SOME people fear the new Internet:  other
  people fear it NOT because they lose the kind of lord
  position that comes with OWNERSHIP; rather they fear,
  in a similar manner, they will lose the CONTROL which
  they have used to achieve their position of lordship,
  such as one kind of professor mentioned below.

    *****As Hart's DOS prompt sometimes states:*****

    "Money is how people with no talent keep score!"
  "Control is how others with no money keep score!"

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