Chapter 00-05 

A Brief History of the Internet 

Web site by Gifcom.


Anyone who wants to stop this process for a Public Domain
Library of information is probably suffering from several
of the Seven Deadly Sins:

Pride, covetousness, lust, anger, greed, envy, and sloth.
Merriam Webster Third International Unabridged Dictionary
[Above:  Greed = Gluttony, and moved back one place]

[Below:  my simple descriptions of the Seven Deadly Sins]

1.  Pride:  I have one and you don't.

2.  Covetousness:  Mine is worth more if you don't have a
    copy or something similar.  I want yours.  I want the
    one you have, even if I already have one or many.

3.  Lust:  I have to have it.

4.  Anger:  I will hurt you to insure that I have it, and
    and to insure that you do not have one.

5.  Envy:  I hate that you have one.

6.  Greed:  There is no end to how much I want, or to how
    little I want you to have in comparison.

7.  Sloth:  I am opposed to you moving up the ladder:  it
    means that I will have to move up the ladder, to keep
    my position of lordship over you.  If I have twice as
    much as you do, and you gain a rung, that means I can
    only regain my previous lordship by moving up two; it
    is far easier to knock you back a rung, or to prevent
    you from climbing at all.

A Book by Michael Hart