Chapter 00-03 

A Brief History of the Internet 

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The Bright Side

Mr. Hart had a vision in 1971 that the greatest purpose a
computer network would ever provide would be the storage,
transmission, and copying of the library of information a
whole planet of human beings would generate.  These ideas
were remarkably ahead of their time, as attested to by an
Independent Plans of Study Degree in the subject of Human
Machine Interfaces from the University of Illinois, 1973.
This degree, and the publications of the first few Etexts
[Electronic Texts] on the Internet, began the process the
Internet now knows as Project Gutenberg, which has caught
fire and spread to all areas of the Internet, and spawned
several generations of "Information Providers," as we now
have come to call them.

It is hard to log in to the Internet without finding many
references to Project Gutenberg and Information Providers
these days, but you might be surprised just how much of a
plethora of information stored on the Internet is only on
line for LIMITED DISTRIBUTION even though the information
is actually in the PUBLIC DOMAIN and has been paid for in
money paid by your taxes, and by grants, which supposedly
are given for the betterments of the human race, not just
a favored few at the very top 1% of the INFORMATION RICH.

Many of you have seen the publicity announcements of such
grants in the news media, and an information professional
sees them all the time.

You may have seen grants totalling ONE BILLION DOLLARS to
create "Electronic Libraries;" what you haven't seen is a
single "Electronic Book" released into the Public Domain,
in any form for you to use, from any one of these.

A Book by Michael Hart