Chapter 00-14 

A Brief History of the Internet 

Web site by Gifcom.

The French have just given us one of the great examples:
a month or so ago [I am writing this in early February.]
they found a cave containing the oldest known paintings,
twice as old as any previously discovered, and after the
initial month of photographing them in secret, placed an
electronic set of photographs on the Internet for all of
us to have. . .ALL!

This is in GREAT contradistinction to the way things had
been done around the time I was born, when the "Dead Sea
Scrolls" were discovered, and none of you ever saw them,
or any real description of them, until a few years ago--
in case you are wondering when, I was born in 1947; this
is being published on my 48th birthday when I officially
become "old."  [As a mathematician, I don't cheat, and I
admit that if you divide a 72 year lifespan into equals,
you only get 24 years to be young, 24 years to be middle
aged, and 24 years to be old. . .after that you have the
odds beaten.  If you divide the US into young and old, a
person has to be considered "old" at 34, since 33 is the
median age [meaning half the people are younger than 33,
and half the people are older.  The median Internet age?
26.  Median Web age 31.  Some predictions indicate these
will decrease until the median Internet age is 15.

Who will rule the Internet?

Will it be the Internet Aristocrats...

or an Internet Everyman?

A Book by Michael Hart