Chapter 00-12 

A Brief History of the Internet 

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Watch out, the term "grade inflation" is "politically
incorrect" to such a degree that it does not appear a
single time in any of the encyclopedias I have tried,
although it does appear in my Random House Unabridged
and College Dictionaries, but not the Merriam-Webster
Ninth New College Dictionary, American Heritage or in
any other references I have searched.  Please tell me
if you find it in any.

"The awarding of higher grades than students deserve
either to maintain a school's academic reputation or
as a result of diminished teacher expectations."

I can personally tell you this was a huge concern in
1970-1975 when the average grade at some colleges in
question had already passed the point mentioned just
above, yielding averages including all undergraduate
courses, including the grades of "flunk-outs," still
higher than a "B" which means more "A"s were given a
whole undergraduate student body than "B"s and "C"s.
[Actually it means worse than that, but point made.]

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