Chapter 00-11 

A Brief History of the Internet 

Web site by Gifcom.

The goal of giving 10,000 books to everyone on Earth,
which we at Project Gutenberg have been trying to do,
virtually since the start of the Internet, is in huge
danger of becoming just another tool for those we are
becoming enslaved by on the Internet, and these books
might never get into the high schools:  much less the
middle schools and grade schools because the Trillion
dollars we spend on educations with the rise and fall
of every Congress of the United States isn't meant to
educate, it is meant for something else.  After all--
if a Trillion dollars were really being spent on this
process of education every two years, should literacy
rates have plummeted to 53% and college level testing
scores fallen for many straight years?

[Oh yes, I heard yesterday's report the tests were up
for the first time in decades. . .but what I did NOT!
hear was ANY reference to the fact that the score was
"inflated" not only by the "normal" free 200 points a
person gets for just being able to sign their names--
but by an additional 22 points for math, 76 verbal.]
[Written February 5th, 1995]

This kind of "grade inflation" has been going on in a
similar, though less official manner, in our schools,
for decades.  There are schools in which the averages
indicate more "A"s are given out than all other grade
points combined, not just more "A"s than "B"s or "B"s
than "C"s.  Some of the most importanted studies were
never published, even though they were tax funded.

A Book by Michael Hart