Chapter 00-10 

A Brief History of the Internet 

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I said "let's" you do the Star Trek Communicator, and
Transporter, and Replicator functions because it will
soon be obvious that those "Information Rich" who had
free access to the Internet for so long want to do an
Internet Monopoly thing to insure that what was free,
to the Information Rich, will no longer be free for a
class of the Information Poor.

This is serious business, and if you consider that it
would cost the 40 million Netters about $25 per month
to "subscribe" to the Information Rich version of the
Internet, that means one thousand million dollars per
month going into the hands of the Information Rich at
the expense of the Information Poor; we would shortly
be up to our virtual ears in a monopoly that would be
on the order of the one recently broken up in a major
anti-trust and anti-monopoly actions against the hand
of the telephone company.

Hopefully, if we see it coming we can prevent it now,
but it will take far more power than _I_ have.

People will tell you "No one can own the Internet!"--
but the fact is that while you may own your computer,
you do not "Own the Internet" any more than owning my
own telephones or PBX exchanges means I own telephone
networks that belong to The Telephone Companies.  The
corporations that own the physical wires and cabling,
they are the ones who own the Internet, and right now
that system is being sold to The Telephone Companies,
and your "rights" to the Information Superhighway are
being sold with them.

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