Chapter 00-01 

A Brief History of the Internet 

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Chapter 00  Preface

The Internet Conquers Space, Time, and Mass Production...

Michael Hart called it NeoMass Production [TM] in 1971...
and published the U.S. Declaration of Independence on the
and no one was listening...or were they?
If the governments, universities or colleges of the world
wanted people to be educated, they certainly could have a
copy of things like the Declaration of Independence where
everyone could get an electronic copy.  After all, it has
been over 25 years since the Internet began as government
funded projects among our universities, and only 24 years
since the Declaration was posted, followed by the Bill of
Rights, Constitution, the Bible, Shakespeare, etc.

Why do more people get their electronic books from others
than these institutions when they spend a TRILLION DOLLAR
BUDGET EVERY YEAR pretending their goal is some universal
form of education.


This is the story of the Bright Side and Dark Side of
the Internet. . .Bright Side first.


The Facts:

The Internet is a primitive version of the "Star Trek
Communicator," the "Star Trek Transporter," and, also
a primitive version of the "Star Trek Replicator."


The Internet "let's" you talk to anyone on the Earth,
as long as they, too, are on the Internet.


The Internet "let's" you transport anything you would
be able to get into your computer to any Netter.


The Internet "let's" you replicate anything anyone is
able to get into their computer, from "The Mona Lisa"
to "The Klein Bottle" if you use the right "printer,"
and the library never closes, the books are always on
the shelves, never checked out, lost, in for binding,
and there is never an overdue fine because you never,
ever, have to take them back.

A Book by Michael Hart