Chapter 0-09 

A Brief History of the Internet 

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You probably would not believe how much money has had
the honor of being spent on these kinds of projects a
normal person is intentionlly deprived of through the
mixture is just plain HIDING the files, to making the
files so BIG you can't download them, to makeing them
so WIERD you wouldn't read them if you got them.  The
concept of requiring all documents to be formatted in
a certain manner such that only a certain program can
read them has been proposed more often then you might
ever want to imagine, for the TWIN PURPOSES OF PROFIT
AND LIMITED DISTRIBUTION in a medium which requires a
virtue of UNLIMITED DISTRIBUTION to keep it growing.

Every day I read articles, proposals, proceedings for
various conferences that promote LIMITED DISTRIBUTION
on the Nets. . .simply to raise the prestige or money
to keep some small oligarchy in power.

This is truly a time of POWER TO THE PEOPLE as people
say in the United States.

What we have here is a conflict between the concepts that
everything SHOULD be in LIMITED DISTRIBUTION, and that of
the opposing concept of UNLIMITED DISTRIBUTION.

If you look over the table of contents on the next pages,
you will see that each of these item stresses the greater
and greater differences between an history which has been
dedicated to the preservation of Limited Distribution and
something so new it has no history longer than 25 years

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