Chapter 0-07 

A Brief History of the Internet 

Web site by Gifcom.

3.  Graphics and Markup versus Plain Vanilla ASCII

The one thing you will see in common with ALL of such
graphics and markup proposals is LIMITED DISTRIBUTION
as a way of life.  The purpose of each on of these is
and always has been to keep knowledge in the hands of
the few and away from the minds of the many.

I predict that in the not-too-distant-future that all
materials will either be circulating on the Internet,
or that they will be jealously guarded by owners whom
I described with the Seven Deadly Sins.

If there is ever such a thing as the "Tri-corder," of
Star Trek fame, I am sure there simultaneously has to
be developed a "safe" in which those who don't want a
whole population to have what they have will "lock" a
valuable object to insure its uniqueness; the concept
of which I am speaking is illustrated by this story:

"A butler announces a delivery, by very distinguished
members of a very famous auction house.  The master--
for he IS master--beckons him to his study desk where
the butler deposits his silver tray, containing a big
triangular stamp, then turns to go.

A Book by Michael Hart