Chapter 0-06 

A Brief History of the Internet 

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2.  Cost Inflation

When Etexts were first coming it, estimates were sent
around the Internet that it took $10,000 to create an
Etexts, and that therefore it would take $100,000,000
to create the proposed Project Gutenberg Library.

$500,000,000 was supposedly donated to create Etexts,
by one famous foundation, duly reported by the media,
but these Etexts have not found their way into hands,
or minds, of the public, nor will they very soon I am
afraid, though I would love to be put out of business
[so to say] by the act of these institutions' release
of the thousands of Etexts some of them already have,
and that others have been talking about for years.

My response was, has been, and will be, simply to get
the Etexts out there, on time, and with no budget.  A
simple proof that the problem does not exist.  If the
team of Project Gutenberg volunteers can produce this
number of Etexts and provide it to the entire world's
computerized population, then the zillions of dollars
you hear being donated to the creations of electronic
libraries by various government and private donations
should be used to keep the Information Superhighway a
free and productive place for all, not just for those
1% of computers that have already found a home there.

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