Chapter 0-04 

A Brief History of the Internet 

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[10,000 Etexts to 100,000,000 people equals one trillion]

Hart's dream as adequately expressed by "Grolier's" CDROM
Electronic Encyclopedia has been his signature block with
permission, for years, but this idea is now threatened by
those who feel threatened by Unlimited Distribution:

|       The trend of library policy is clearly toward
|       the ideal of making all information available
|       without delay to all people.
|The Software Toolworks Illustrated Encyclopedia (TM)
|(c) 1990, 1991 Grolier Electronic Publishing, Inc.


Michael S. Hart, Professor of Electronic Text
Executive Director of Project Gutenberg Etext
Illinois Benedictine College, Lisle, IL 60532
No official connection to U of Illinois--UIUC
hart@uiucvmd.bitnet and

Internet User Number 100 [approximately] [TM]
Break Down the Bars of Ignorance & Illiteracy
On the Carnegie Libraries' 100th Anniversary!

Human Nature such as it is, has presented a great deal of
resistance to the free distribution of anything, even air
and water, over the millennia.

Hart hopes the Third Millennium A.D. can be different.

But it will require an evolution in human nature and even
perhaps a revolution in human nature.

So far, the history of humankind has been a history of an
ideal of monopoly:  one tribe gets the lever, or a wheel,
or copper, iron or steel, and uses it to command, control
or otherwise lord it over another tribe.  When there is a
big surplus, trade routes begin to open up, civilizations
begin to expand, and good times are had by all.  When the
huge surplus is NOT present, the first three estates lord
it over the rest in virtually the same manner as historic
figures have done through the ages:

"I have got this and you don't." [Nyah nyah naa naa naa!]

A Book by Michael Hart