Appendix 1-15 

A Brief History of the Internet 

Web site by Gifcom.

When car makers have really good years, or really bad ones
for that matter, they work very hard to attract customers,
with new innovations, more car for the money, financing on
better terms, or whatever, and when they have record years
they give their workers huge bonuses, which I am sure most
of you have heard about recently, and they also compete in
an aggressive manner to keep sales up.

Copyright and patents are what allow people NOT to compete
in the marketplace, as least for the first decade or two a
new item is in the marketplace. . .only now copyrights are
being extended to include the entire lifetime, not only of
the copyright holder, but of the audience as well.

Something is wrong.

The Information Age Is Being Ruled By The Information Rich
As Surely as the Transcontinental Railroads Were Ruled For
Decades By The Robber Barons.

The Information Rich had a free ride on the Superhighways,
about 25 years worth of free ride, and now the Information
Poor want a ride so the Information Rich are shutting down
the free rides and are selling tickets. . .selling tickets
to something which until this year was so inexpensive that
it it hardly paid to figure out what to charge any person,
much less any institution.

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A Brief History of the Internet
by Michael S. Hart            
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