Appendix 1-12 

A Brief History of the Internet 

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Ladies and Gentlemen. . .Start Your Engines!

The Race to the Information Age Has Begun.

It began in a much more quiet manner than the Golden Spike
which joined the two halves of a Transcontinental Railroad
exactly 100 years earlier. . .so much more quietly that we
never knew it was happening, and we were all left standing
there at the starting gate, gawking at Men on the Moon.

It all happened about 25 years ago, in 1969, but the media
never put the word "Internet" on the front page of a major
newspaper until the Wall Street Journal did it, on October
29, 1991. . .yet even so, most of you probably never heard
or saw the word Internet in the media until 1994, with the
25th Anniversay hardly ever mentioned, as the idea was for
everyone to think the Internet is the newest thing around,
and to get us all to buy tickets for $20-$25 a month.

What is the "First Rule of Reporting a Story?". . .oh yes:

Follow The Money

Right now there are 40-50 million people on the Internet--
and if someone could figure out how to make them all pay a
$20-$25 fee. . .that would be $100 million a month or over
a billion dollars a year.

Wow. . .if they can do that to an Information Superhighway
that had been running free of charge since the 60's, might
be they will figure out how to do it with those Interstate
Superhighways made of concrete, too, most of them have not
been running any longer than that.

The NSFNet [National Science Foundation Network] was being
cussed and discussed by the powers that be in the hopes it
could be dismantled at the same time most of us were first
hearing about the Internet, and none of us would notice it
when we were all asked to pay that billion dollars a year,
for something that had been as free as the highway systems
to the Information Rich/Etite for all those years.

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