Appendix 1-08 

A Brief History of the Internet 

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We hope with your assistance we can mount a successful effort to
free Winnie-the Pooh, imprisoned by various copyright laws since
his birth in 1926.

At the beginning of Project Gutenberg, one of our first projects
was going to be the children's classic Winnie-the-Pooh:  written
in 1926, and therefore up for copyright renewal in 1954, and the
copyright renewal would have then expired in 1982, and thus been
a perfect candidate for Project Gutenberg's Children's Library.

However, this was not allowed to happen.

Instead, the copyright on Winnie-the-Pooh was extended, for a 75
year total, meaning we would have to wait until 2001 for the new
copyright term to expire, effectively keeping Winnie-the-Pooh in
jail for another two decades or so.

However, two new bills have been introduced into the Senate, and
the House of Representatives of the United States to extend this
term of imprisonment yet again, for an additional 20 years.

The last copyright extension in the United States was in 1975 as
I recall.  If we extend the copyright 20 years every 20 years we
will destroy the very concept of Public Domain, as we have known
it since the beginning of copyright.

A Book by Michael Hart