Appendix 1-04 

A Brief History of the Internet 

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Someone still has to pick up the books, just as there has
to be someone to pick up the basketballs, for both remain
dead until someone brings them to life.

Television, on the other hand, natters on into the night,
long after you have fallen asleep.

Education has all the advantages in competition with ball
games and video games, not only those listed above, but a
whole world insists on education, forces edcuation, which
just might have caused some of the problem.

Perhaps education has too many advantages. . .so many, in
fact, that education has never realized it is competition
bound with other messages.

A hundred years ago there were no industries vying for an
audience of kids, life outside the schoolhouse was boring
and there was very little to bring to class to compete in
some manner with the teacher, other than a bullfrog.  The
massive variety of things kids have competing for them is
something educational systems have not taken into account
and they still rely on the threat of truant officers, not
on earning the attention of the students.

The competition is not nearly so sound asleep. . . .

TV shows spend billions of their dollars figuring out how
to get you to stay tuned in for that last few seconds and
billions more watching overnight ratings results to check
their performances and those of their competitors.

When TV ratings go down, the shows are changed, sometimes
so drastically you wouldn't recognize them, and are often
cancelled altogether, sometimes only two weeks into a new
season.  I once saw a show featured on one of the morning
talk shows to promote that evening's performance, but the
was cancelled during the intervening hours.

When school ratings go down, the ratings are changed; the
show remains essentially the same, and it is often a best
teacher award winner who gets cancelled while more boring
teachers go on year after year to bore the children of an
assortment of former students.

A Book by Michael Hart