Appendix 1-02 

A Brief History of the Internet 

Web site by Gifcom.

Television versus Education:  Who Is Winning?
[As If You Had To Ask]

Basketball, Football, Baseball, Hockey and Golf
[Live and Video Games]


Shakespeare, Milton, Chaucer, Verne and Hugo

You would think that some operation that spends a hundred
times more than another would not fear much competition--
especially when the deck is stacked in their favor as the
following examples demonstrate:


There is always great battle between Macbeth and Macduff;
Macbeth never gets blown out in the first quarter and the
author never jacks you up for higher royalties.


Shakespeare was DESIGNED to be entertaining, so you don't
have to change the rules every season to make things more
exciting.  Of course, if you WANT to, you can always turn
Romeo and Juliet into a story about New York City warfare
between street gangs instead of noble families of Verona.

A Book by Michael Hart