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How You Can Support Our Ranch

Natural Soil Nutrition For Sale

Below is a bottle of Secret Soil Sauce -- Biogreen
We concocted this secret formula from seaweed extract, molasses, fish emulsion and vitamins.  It comes in a one gallon for $9.99 or a two gallon container for $18.99.

1 cup per plant per week with regular watering.

Email to order:

End of season harvest from the ranch: tomatoes; basil; chives.  We blanched and froze the tomatoes for some great pasta sauce making over the winter!

And if there is one
thing we are full of,
 it's Pony Poop!!

We sell fresh or field-cured horse manure and a smaller amount of fresh steer manure.

You order by email and pick up at the Collector's Market in Georgetown.

Where we have a Bridlespur Rescue Ranch booth under Dealer #122.

Visit this page for more info.

Thank You from Pam

To those of you who have helped me achieve so much despite extreme circumstances, how can I ever say thank you enough?  Chris and Liz, Kristen, Lyn, Philaine, Pat and Mark, Nancie, Julia, Debbe and Kevin, Lee, Riley, Mallory, Haley, Jennifer and her team of legal eagles, Charlie and staff.  There is not enough room here to thank everyone but you know how much you have done.

I can never thank you enough.

And for all the new people helping me and volunteering and buying from Bridlespur...there is a special heaven for all of you....where your horses, cats and dogs all wait


Take a look at our list of items for sale and see if there is something you may like.  When you bid, please forward the website coupon of BRR2012 and we will take 10% off the final invoice when we send it to you for payment!

Below are some pictures of some of the upscale items we have sold to feed and care for the Bridlespur animals.  Price ranges for our items run from inexpensive to upscale.  Thank you so much for shopping with us!