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We Need Your Support

You can sponsor
an animal,

and if you can
visit the ranch,

you can help care
for them and
love 'em!

Deformed and Forgotten
After a Lifetime of Service

One of our rescued animals is a Palomino pony. This saved animal had been ridden into a jump by an inexperienced little girl and the accident gouged a big chip from the pony's right knee.  Miss Shawnee Sioux had devoted 15 years of her life teaching kids how to ride. She was always careful with the little human children and never kicked, bit or stepped on them. Now her owners were ready to put her down.  The surgery to fix her knee was available at Texas A&M for about $3500 at the time, but they decided she was too old, and not “worth it.”  When we found her, she was dejected, with head hung low, dirty, with a right knee the size of a watermelon, and with a terrible, painful limp.

Shawnee Sioux had served her owners well and had only expected kindness in her old age.

Today, her knee bone has fused, her feet are trimmed properly to “balance” her deformity, she is loved and groomed, and is now the official front lawn “ornament” that travels at a pretty good

speed all over the 35 acres.  Yes, she limps, but not so badly.  Despite all the calls by others to kill her, we think we made the right choice.  Come out and see for yourself.  Miss Shawnee Sioux deserved this retirement.

Your purchase of an item today also helps us stop the needless wasting of life and saves animals from abandonment during these hard times in the economy.


Flea control is something you might know about.  So, maybe you can help us buy monthly flea control meds.

It takes equipment & hard work

Working the Ranch

This is the bobcat that helps us move around the enormous amount of poop generated by the horse and cattle.

This is the barn and equipment used daily to muck out the stalls and feed and care for the animals.

Pigeon Breast Fever

Let’s Talk About Cats For a Moment

It used to break our hearts to see all the “Free Kittens” ads in the newspaper every spring.  Now we get a little mad about it.  The irresponsibility of our fellow humans in neglecting to spay and neuter their pet cats will eventually burden resources like us when we end up saving their animals or their animals' offspring, brought into this world unnecessarily and carelessly and already a burden to the county shelter system when they take their first breath.


It is a cycle of misery that needs to be broken.  If you are having kittens, YOU ARE PART OF A BIG PROBLEM.  PLEASE educate yourself on modern cat care. CALL YOUR LOCAL SHELTER if you need help getting your cats and dogs spayed and/or neutered.

Neutering a male cat is NOT expensive through county services and private mobile vet vans and is NOT physically traumatic for the male.  The spaying process IS major surgery, but again, low cost services ARE available to you with vets who will make sure your girl is okay.  We have had litters of feral kittens neutered and spayed at about 8 weeks of age by an excellent surgeon who contributes services to abandoned ferals.

Did you know that many free kittens are picked up by snake owners?  Taken by lab procurement people? 

The different local humane societies do their best to save animals and educate the public about neutering and spaying. However, they need more help from other entities like Bridlespur Rescue Ranch in the Austin-Georgetown, Texas area.  This ranch has the acreage, the desire and the volunteers necessary to save animals and perform animal rescue when necessary.  What is missing?

Your support. Please support us by spending from $10.00 up today and save an animal. Here, you know exactly how your money is working.

You may not have a lot of time to physically rescue animals from the local shelter or save animals from the cruel streets.  You might not have the money that it takes to nurse abused and neglected animals back to health.  Maybe you live in a small efficiency apartment that would not be big enough to share with a needy dog or cat.

That’s okay.

$10 buys one cat his or
her kibble for weeks!

You can help us save animals through your support.  Take a look at our pictures and videos.  After that, we hope you will sign up as a guest, get on our newsletter list for invitations to events, maybe even adopt one of our critters for a “foster” parent food purchase every month at the local feed store.  The more money we raise, the more we can save animals.  We do not take in more animals than what we can feed and we sure hate to say no.

 After your generous donation, plan on visiting your “foster animal” soon.  Come on out, look around, and maybe even decide to volunteer on the weekends.  There will always be horse poop to scoop!

Please help us make room to save another animal today by purchasing a service, antique or collectible, or fostering an animal now.

You can only spend $10.00 this one time?  Thank you! From the bottom of our hearts!

Basic care is expensive

This pigeon fever may be one our extreme cases of illness experienced by our animals, but it illustrates how large animals--though incredibly strong--are susceptible to many diseases that city-folk know nothing about.

Care for the legs and hooves of large animals is another area where experts are needed.