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At today's key meeting with Somerset County Officers regarding the campaign for residents parking we made a major breakthrough. Westover will be treated as a potential PILOT scheme as they have recognised that we are the most advanced of the proposals they have in.This means we have to urgently re-assess where we are.

 If you look at the map attached the streets coloured in orange are the streets where thus far we have established the 60% required majority need.

This was established by signatories in the summer of 2012.

It may have changed in the meantime.

However, to take this forward we need to establish or re-establish our scheme champions in each of these streets.

Therefore we urgently need the streets involved to agree a scheme champion and to reply to us.

The first step is agreeing that the streets coded orange are indeed the streets that the scheme should cover.

The wider consultation will include the streets coloured blue on the map.

The scheme will only be applicable to streets where 80% of households WANT the scheme.

If there are other streets that at this stage wish to opt IN (or out) we need to know this before submission.

Which we anticipate will be at the end of January.

There will be an implementation timescale of approximately 6 months during which time we will have a series of meetings to which the street champions are invited and where the detail will be thrashed out.

In summary the streets included and champions are as follows.

Castle st/West Quay/Kings Sq/Bond st/Chandos st/Queen st

SC- Tony Heywood -13 king Sq

This area includes some 23 identified households, 53 potential spaces and we have 18 supporting signatories - this therefore meets the 60% requirement with 78%

Dampiet st/Blake st

SC-Mark Postma-15 Dampiet st

This includes 13 households, 10 spaces and 11 signatories -85%


SC- we don't have an identified champion here, however, George Weston of  42 Blacklands has  offered to take on this role.

Stats for Blacklands show a majority -with 42 households, 40 potential spaces and 28 signatories - therefore a 66% majority.

Camden however, was not submitted as no one there was prepared to take on the role of ascertaining support. If George is willing to include Camden and it makes a combined majority we can include it, if not we should just limit our ambition to Blacklands.

St Mary street & St Saviours

SC- we don;t have a recently identified scheme champion here and need one.

If we combine the 2 streets the figures are  53 households 41 spaces  45 signatories  therefore 85%

Silver st & Friarn st

SC- We don;t have a scheme champion here either and the figures are currently below the required 60% (at 50%) but not far off. The stats are  85 households 28 spaces  and 42 signatories. Not enough. 

If we combine it with St Mary & St Saviours we get 138 households -69 spaces 73 signatories we still only get 53%.

However, we can choose to identify single streets within this area, or , with the prospect of a light at the end of the tunnel, a new street champion could go out and get the required 60% from the area most need.

DISPLACEMENT;- Displacement of vehicles caused by the introduction of resident parking zones is a recognised side effect. This is why we have to consult the wider (blue) zone. However, one of the reasons for the call for these zones is because of the displacement currently being caused by the Civil Parking Enforcement in the town centre.

The next step is to confirm our scheme champions (identify yourselves if you haven't!) so we can submit the boundary for the zone and then set up the next meeting to take it forward.



Following the major concern about Town Centre parking since  Civil Parking Enforcement was brought in during June 2012, Westover Councillors  launched a campaign to identify roads  and zones that could be considered for a pilot RESIDENT PARKING SCHEME 

On Wednesday 3rd October 2012 Westover Councillors submitted a comprehensive report on the subject to Somerset Council based on extensive public consultation within the ward and supported by street petitions, relevant parking statistics and indicative diagrams.  

The report, which included majority petitions from 15 streets around the ward, was presented to Bev Norman (left) the Traffic Team manager who would put it before Cllr Harvey Siggs the portfolio holder as part of the Departments Policy Review. 

At that time SCC was heading towards an election and things appeared to be put on hold until afterwards 

Bev Norman, in a holding action, at the time said "At the moment Resident Parking Schemes can only be introduced where there are issues relating to public safety but Cllr Siggs has called for an urgent review of this policy. My team is looking at producing this new policy so that we can get on with piloting some Resident Parking Zone schemes. Cllr Siggs is keen to move forward quickly on this and so the next step will be 1. to carry through the policy change 2. to put in place the proceedure 3. to identify a pilot scheme - and so far we have two suggestions -one in Wells and now this one in Bridgwater. 4. We need to identify funding and resource implications and 5. we need to establish 'champions' for each area. The Westover bid has ticked all the relevant boxes and is a good model for a pilot scheme."

Cllr Brian Smedley said "The  submission has been made with much of the work that Somerset wants done already in place. People around Westover have worked very hard to establish the need in their neighborhoods by getting the petitions together and so we already have a system of 'Champions' ready and waiting to take this forward and immediately engage with County  . The facts and figures are there, the maps provided, the streets with initial majorities identified. We even held a meeting to discuss the current scheme used in Taunton Deane so that people were aware of what could be on offer and could contribute. The next step now is for Somerset to accept Westover as a pilot and get on with it. "

The report also identifies areas which traffic is being displaced to because of the new civil parking enforcement and which could also be affected by the establishment of Residents Parking Zones and further includes key areas which require traffic calming measures including Elmwood avenue, Albert st, Dampiet street and Queen street.

Cllr Kathy Pearce said "Several streets were equivocal about whether they wanted resident parking  and we need to stress that no zoning will be introduced without full consultation of all areas that could be affected and an option to vote on what is brought forward. What we have done with this report is to make representation on behalf of our residents to get the ball rolling on these schemes as an option."

In October 2013 Somerset produced  a new policy document on residents parking which can be sumarised thus;-

New Residents Parking Schemes

Somerset County Council has produced guidance for communities on how to request new Residents Parking schemes in their area. Alongside the guidance, there is a suite of template documents and advice to help those in the community provide the right information to officers within the council when requesting a scheme.

Council’s Parking Strategy in March 2012, - revised in September 2013.

* Residential Parking Zones do not guarantee parking spaces for households in busy residential areas

*there is a cost to residents who wish to purchase parking permits

*the processes involved in establishing a residential parking zone can take many months.

Policy PM9: Resident-Friendly Parking Measures Policy

Within residential areas that have limited off-street parking for residents and clear conflicts

between residents and commuter parking, measures to manage on-street parking will

be considered at the request of residents.

Sept review—provided more flexibility and established the following process


Step 1  identify a scheme champion as a single point of contact with SCC

Step 2 Define problem and geographic area / complete the SCC template

Step 3 Consult all residents in likely affected area (signed by 60% of households who respond to the consultation)

Step 4 Scheme champion liases with SCC to set up survey

Step 5 Collect data & return results to SCC

Step 6 SCC consults with champion on recommended scheme (Cabinet member decision)

Step 7 Wider area investigation – SCC identifies wider detrimental knock on effects

NB:-if these are serious  then more data and evidence needs collecting

Step 8 If no detrimental effects – SCC develops a business case. If cost effective SCC proposes a solution if not the proposal is rejected

Step 9Consult ALL households – scheme champion must do this and demonstrate that 80% of households support the scheme as set out in the business case

NB- if not enough support-the proposal is rejected

Step 10 If sufficient support is demonstrated SCC will  design, statutory consultation and implementation

Cllr Smedley said "Westover Councillors believe they have  supported residents over nearly a 2 year campaign to get to this stage and now it is clearly up to street by street scheme champions to take their areas forward. "

The Somerset & Westover Residents Parking Zone Reports are attached at the foot of this page.

The maps below show the current restrictions in place on the roads around Westover.

Click on the maps below to enlarge. 

Taunton Road/ Southgate
Taunton Road/Old Taunton Road
Taunton Road/Ashleigh/Rhode Lane
West Street/Westfield/St Matthews
West Street/Albert/Friarn Ave
North Street/ Wembdon Road
North Street/Halesleigh/Victoria
Northgate/Camden/Blacklands/Mount st
Town Centre/High st
Town Centre/St Mary St/St Saviours/Dampiet
Castle Street/West Quay
Anson Way/Docks
Coalyard Estate/Clink

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