posted 26 Nov 2012, 09:19 by Westover Labour
Sedgemoor District Council ward members for Bridgwater Westover ward  Brian Smedley & Kathy
Pearce, have formally submitted their objection to the plans by Tesco to build a megastore on the Brewery field in Bridgwater.

The submission is attached and reproduced below. The key points made are as follows.

1. Destruction of a  Recreational Open Space with no replacement being made available. Not only does this destroy wildlife habitat it would ‘permanently reduce the opportunities for participation in sporting activities’. We support the submission by Sport England which opposes the development on these grounds and calls instead for greater usage for sports and leisure in this area as it has been so used over the years.

2. Impact on neighbourhood  Heritage Assets such as the loss of the former Northgate Workhouse  plus  the new development would not make a positive contribution to local character. The vast scale of such a building and development is clearly  out of character with the conservation area of a small historic town.

3. The development is  detrimental to the viability of  the nearby Town Centre shops and  unlikely to ensure sustainable  economic well-being . There are enough supermarkets already in Bridgwater and the promise of more jobs is not realistic as the result would be simply a redistribution leading to a net loss due to closures precisely because of the Tesco development.

4. There is little architectural merit to what will be essentially a large shed which as such will impact adversely on the local environment causing long term disruption to an established local community.  We believe that this is contrary to the requirement for good design - stating that “permission should be refused for development of poor design. Need to demonstrate design which is in keeping with historic docks area."

5. There remains concern that the  proposed basement car park has not adequately taken account of the water table and may further be influenced by tidal rise.

6. The traffic proposals will result in chaos and contribute to a congested island approach to edge of town centre shopping and thereby fail on proposals to achieve linkage. When this is added to the failure by EDF to include a town by pass to their proposals for a new build power station, the Tesco development which proposes an inadequate minor tampering of junctions, will simply bring the town to a standstill without any major additions to what remains essentially a Medieval road network within the town.

7.  Impact on neighbours:

i) The activities on site are expected to exceed the WHO Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level (LOAEL) guideline values (page 8 of Noise Level Assessment) with levels between 69-80 dB which could occur up to 2300 hours (against acceptable level of 60 dB).

ii) The frontage is majorly obtrusive and extends well into the Brewery field, is too close to nearby houses and with a projected height at some 20.5 metres obscures established and supposedly sacrosanct viewpoints.

iii) The intrusion of the store into a tightly packed residential neighbourhood will greatly impact on the privacy of nearby homes, the windows and gardens of which are but a few metres from the proposed development.

iv) There will be major light intrusion into neighbouring properties which could be 24/7 as a result of the overlit nature of the megastore whilst at the same time  the size and angles blocking natural light from hitherto adequately lit areas.

Westover Labour,
26 Nov 2012, 09:19