posted 29 Nov 2012, 15:04 by Westover Labour

Thursday 29th November and no decision has yet been reached on Tesco's planning application for Northgate. This means

that case officer Rebecca Miller has not yet come to a conclusion and will continue to take objections, submissions and comments.

Objections should be made to or by mail to Rebecca Miller,Sedgemoor District Council, Bridgwater House, Kings Square Bridgwater quoting the planning number 08/12/168.

The Tesco case is hotting up as today the Chief Executive has reacted furiously to the case of the Tesco Fee Payments being brought before his Councils Scrutiny committee next Monday whilst at the same time aggrieved residents and developers have responded angrily to the reports of Tesco receiving deferential treatment.

Last week the Bridgwater Town Council Planning Panel recommended refusal and this was submitted by Town Clerk Alan Hurford in time for the deadline. Full text reproduced below.


 Recommended refusal reasons based on planning grounds:

 1.         The application as submitted will result in a loss of open space thereby not satisfying LDF core strategy policy P2 in that no alternative provision is proposed. The proposal fails to satisfy other national and local planning policies. 

2.         There is likely to be an adverse impact on the environment, dwellings and properties in the vicinity, caused in particular through the proposed 24 hour opening            and delivery of goods at unsociable hours leading to probability of noise and light pollution.

3.         The proposal will impact on heritage assets within the site and in the vicinity and the setting of the adjacent conservation area and listed buildings.  The application does not demonstrate investigation of possible archaeological and historic interests.

4.         The scheme as proposed fails to make a positive contribution to local character, shows a lack of architectural merit through what is essentially a large shed    regarded as too big for the site in terms of height and bulk.

5.         It is likely that a store of this size will have a detrimental impact on the viability of  town centre and retailing businesses, offering no sustainable economic well-being for the town as a whole. 

6.         The highway and traffic proposals in terms of additional traffic surely to be  generated, access and road layouts are likely to lead to severe congestion and in so  doing act against the desire for essential linkages to the town centre and conflict with pedestrian movements.

7.         There has been no independent retail assessment commissioned to examine the effects of the planned store on the retail environment/capacity of the town.

Town Clerk 27 November 2012