posted 16 Nov 2012, 07:14 by Westover Labour   [ updated 22 Nov 2012, 10:10 ]
Anyone who has been to the Brewery Field today might (not) have noticed a long white line between the footpath and the middle of the field. Finally honouring it's promise to mark out the frontage of the  proposed Tesco Megastore, Sedgemoor District Council are the perpetrators of this much needed public aid to making a judgement on the appropriateness of the Planning application.
Cllr Brian Smedley said "The reason we asked for this marking was to demonstrate to people exactly how much of the field the Tesco store would take up because there are still lots of people who believe the plan is to build a store on the site of the old Splash - in fact we think people will be surprised and horrified when they see the location of this line. We have also asked for Sedgemoor to mark out the height of the store - but they say they can't so that so people will have to judge for themselves by looking from the white line to the top of the old Workhouse nearby and imagining a giant shed there."
'Decision will not be rushed"
Ward Councillors Brian Smedley & Kathy Pearce, along with Dunwear Councillor Ian Tucker met with Rebecca Miller the planning officer responsible last week and looked at the plans. Rebecca said that the project was now out for consultation with a target date of 28th November. At that point it will be up to her to make one of two choices - whether the application is not controversial and in this case the decision will be delegated to her or if it is challenged then to refer the decision to the Planning Committee. Rebecca said "This decision will not be rushed. If we refuse permission we will need to be able to stand up at a public enquiry and justify that. I can't see it going to committee before the New Year."
Members of the public are asked to send their opinions to her  via the sedgemoor web site or by letter addressed to her. They should address emails to .
"consultees will have to respond"
There are also a number of consultees who will have to respond in due course to the proposals including Transport, Flood risk, contamination, acoustics, design,access,landscaping,ecological,sustainability,drainage,retail and parks and open spaces.
Rebecca said "Cllr Filmer the chair of Development Committee , has promised to hold a site visit and an evening meeting on the same day as part of the process, and this will be held at the town hall, however I can't say when yet as the pantomime seems to have taken all the dates. " (oh no they haven't).