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 'Sport England' and it's sister body the FA have objected to Sedgemoors plans to build a giant superstore on the Brewery Field saying that 'the site is used informally by the local community for recreation' and would 'welcome the opportunity to reinstate a football pitch on the site' along with 'toilets and changing rooms'.

As key to their objection the Organisations point out that "Existing open space , sports and recreational buildings and land, including playing fields, should not be built on unless i)an assessment has been undertaken which has clearly shown the open space, buildings or land to be surplus to requirement. ii) the loss resulting from the proposed development would be replaced by equivalent or better provision in terms of quantity and quality in a suiutable location or iii)the development is for alternative sports and recreational provision, the needs for which clearly outweigh the loss."

Sport Englands objection continues "Sport England objects to the proposal because it is not considered to accord with any of the exceptions in Sport Englands playing fields policy and Government Policy as set out in the NPPF"

1. above-The Brewery field with the frontage of the planned store marked out
2.below-full text of the 'Sport England' objection
Westover Labour,
25 Nov 2012, 03:53