posted 27 Nov 2012, 09:25 by Westover Labour
Rebecca Miller, Sedgemoors planning officer responsible for the Tesco planning application has advised that as early as  the morning of Thursday 29th November she could make a decision on the application. With this in mind it is important that people thinking about an objection should get their submissions to her during Wednesday the 28th.

Westover Ward Councillor Brian Smedley said "Rebecca as the case officer could make a decision on Thursday  which could Grant approval, reject or put the case to the committee for decision. She has said that with such a complex case she is unlikely to do this but officially and legally the deadline is the 28th and so people are urged to submit with urgency. It has also become apparent that there will be a  Planning hearing on the subject in January but that only people who have submitted objections will be regarded as 'interested parties' and can contribute to that meeting. Rebecca also confirmed to me however that she will continue taking comments right up until her decision."

Submissions should be made either by email to 
or in writing to Rebecca Miller, Sedgemoor District Council, Bridgwater House, Kings Square,Bridgwater TA63AR .

The news comes amidst an upsurge of further objections including a strongly worded critique from architect Derek Gibson (attached below) in which he describes the project as a most unsuitable and unfriendly proposal for a site within the confines of the town centre of Bridgwater".
Westover Labour,
27 Nov 2012, 09:25