posted 3 Nov 2012, 10:42 by Westover Labour
On day three of the Campaign to stop Tescos destroying Bridgwater Town centre the campaign group Bridgwater Forward has circulated advice on how to submit objections to planning applications and Labour Councillor Ian Tucker has contacted Town Centre Traders urging them to make their opinions on the development known to the Planners.

Glen Burrows, spokesperson for Bridgwater Forward, which was formed by the campaigners who fought against the closure of the Sedgemoor Splash, said  "Tesco’s application to build a massive Tesco Extra on the Northgate site has finally been officially registered. It’s vitally important that members of the public submit objections NOW – this can be done on-line from the Council’s web-site( , or in writing to the Case Officer, Rebecca Miller (all details are on the web-site) The public has until 30th November to comment on the application. Go to the Sedgemoor District Council web-site, and then go to the Planning section. The Tesco Planning Application Number is 08/12/00168, or you can find it by just ticking on the box for Weekly Lists"

David Coles, a trader from Monmouth street Bridgwater said ""My views have always been clear about Tesco and they are that we do not need or want an even bigger supermarket than any already in place. This will simply put pressure on medium and small enterprise in the rest of the centre and cause closures of further businesses. I can easily envisage the loss of the likes of WH Smith and even some of the Angel place occupants, even Boots may be lured away from Fore Street at best, gone at worst Superdrug similarly not to mention the independents out in the town. The other joke is about the money that will now not leak from the town by being spent at Tesco. This is not some benevolent local trader, the money made is not staying and being spent here, apart from some from the low wages of the staff, which currently do not meet the living wage standard of £7.20per hour. A good proportion of the 260 mostly part time jobs created will replace employment lost elsewhere through closures and efficiency pressures due to this development, but at least the members of staff will benefit from “extended organ donation leave” (what the hell is that all about!!)."