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posted 16 Nov 2012, 06:00 by Westover Labour
A message from Chief Engineer Peter Radford;-
"Having had the discussion about this last month I just thought everyone would be a little cheered to hear that most of the
void at the south end of the site disappeared yesterday.  This was the first major (lightweight) concrete backfilling exercise and consequently most of the orange outlined void in the sketch below has now been filled.  The site team did a characteristically excellent job and this task was successfully completed in spite of access being severely restricted by the temporary flood defence barrier (a periodic but crucial visitor to the site) which has often made life difficult for the site team and unavoidably delayed progress.
Below are pictures of the concrete being placed and completed yesterday.  The black items sticking out of the concrete are for future drainage.  Our two works colleagues (photo on left) are standing on a rebuilt section of the quay wall which is looking rather fine and has attracted a ‘thumbs up’ from recent heritage colleague’s inspections.
All this does, of course, mean that the upstand section of those dual purpose piles (coloured green in the sketch) are no longer supporting the pavement above the void…. And that means that the flexible support to the pavement has become rigid and with it any further risk of cracks appearing, or getting worse, has disappeared.
  Meanwhile the team is also grappling with the foundations to the facing wall in the main reconstruction area.  We are optimistic about completing the foundations in the next couple of weeks which will allow the stone wall face work to start in this section.
  Well done the site team again….  We are getting there.
  Kindest regards to all and thanks again for the patience and support.  "