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posted 14 Nov 2012, 20:13 by Westover Labour   [ updated 14 Nov 2012, 20:15 ]
Shortly after the river wall collapsed on Bridgwater's West Quay the residents and traders formed an Action Group to support
each other and to keep track on the various Authorities who were dealing with the consequences. One of the first 'actions' taken by this united band of campaigners was to get together a petition of over 600 names backing the notion of pedestrianising the street upon completion of the repair works. At a meeting of the Action group all spoke as one and the Town,District and County Councils all recognised the widespread support for the scheme.
After several months of campaigning for a full length scheme those authorities came back with a proposal for a shorter length pedestrianisation project and in September put this out to consultation.
"Make the area more appealing"
Secretary of the Action Group, Owen Jones of the Watergate hotel said "In my opinion this is a step in the right direction for West Quay and Bridgwater as a whole that can only help to increase prosperity and make the area more appealing to shoppers and residents. It will also help us take full advantage of the exceptional historic buildings in the area. I very much look forward to the scheme being implemented and hope this will only be phase 1 of further development and investment for the quay side, both East and West."
"a real opportunity"
Westover Councillor Brian Smedley said "Ward Councillors have backed the residents and traders on this one, not only because it was an idea that came from  them which they were all united on , but they also put time and energy into getting a petition together and making their case to the townspeople generally even though at the time they were all suffering from the disaster that had affected their lives this time last year. But all that aside, the idea of pedestrianising the West Quay is a real opportunity to turn around the fortunes of that part of town and to utilise a famous river frontage which can be both an attractive feature and a social hub that could regenerate that sector whilst providing linkages with the historical part of the town and the shopping centre. "
Tom Dougall , Sedgemoor District Councils Transport Policy Officer, said " Any comments must be received by 3rd December to  Somerset County Council Dunball Industrial Estate,Dunball,Bridgwater,TA6 4TP Or ."