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posted 11 Jan 2012, 02:30 by Westover Labour
Embattled residents and traders along Bridgwater's West Quay have formed the West Quay Action group to present a united front in their quest for answers from the hopelessly divided Local Authorities and Agencies who have failed  to provide an explanation for the river wall collapse of November 4th 2011.

Adrian Fraser, who runs West Quay records, has been elected the spokesman, and has launched the campaign with a £235 donation from a rock concert held at the weekend by local groups organised by Fay Wakefield including veteran punks  English Dogs.

Adrian says "We are very dissappointed that we were promised that a Forensic Investigation was being carried out and now it turns out there wasn't one. Many of the West Quay traders are suffering  and residents are uncertain of their future due to the failure of the powers that be to get together and identify the cause".

Cllr Brian Smedley, who convened the inaugural meeting of the group last week, said "Sedgemoor told us for 2 months that a forensic investigation was being carried out and that a meeting would be held in December where the parties involved would agree on a proportionality of responsibility. Throughout this time an investigation was in fact not being carried out and then suddenly they;ld alrerady held the meeting in secret and agreed a hasty set of works which we are now concerned could destory the potential  forensice evidence. Traders and residents need better support than this!!".

The next meeting will be at 5,30 on monday16 january at the green olive on west quay.