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posted 20 Feb 2012, 13:13 by Westover Labour
One of our main promises when elected for the newly created Westover ward last year was to keep in touch with residents and to make sure that the new ward had a democratic structure that was open to everyone so that Councillors could be accountable and the voters had a forum to communicate their grievances , concerns, campaigns and ideas. With this in mind we've set up the Westover web which we hope is working for everyone and we hope people will pass it on to others to use it.

For the past two weeks we've been out and about delivering the Westover Rose - our newsletter which further spreads information about communication and encourages a community identity for the Westover ward. 

We also agreed that the last Saturday of each month would be an open day at Unity House for anyone to drop in and meet your ward councillors face to face. So the February sessions will be Saturday 25th February (that's right, George Harrisons birthday) from 11am to 1pm , Unity House, Dampiet street,Bridgwater . We can offer a cup of tea or coffee, there's free wifi available and a nice library of history books for when you get bored talking to us.