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posted 30 Nov 2011, 10:04 by Westover Labour   [ updated 4 Dec 2011, 04:03 ]
Wednesday November 30th saw picket lines spring up around Bridgwater town centre and all over Westover Ward. From the site of the demolished Sedgemoor Splash it was possible to see 4 different lines of striking workers picketing their workplaces in defence of their pensions and to highlight opposition to  the Coalition Governments plans to raise the pension age and increase contributions.

Westover Ward Councillor Brian Smedley (right)  joined striking workers on a 2,000 strong march through Taunton which included teachers, council workers, health service employees and supporters. Standing alongside fellow Bridgwater Labour Party members and Trades Unionists he said "These proposals will mean ordinary working people will have to work longer for a lower pension in order to support a crazy economic policy devised by Tory and Libdem millionaires in an out of touch cabinet. People here are standing up for what they believe in and thats an adequately funded health service, a properly financed education system and not being frightened to stand up for what is fair, decent and right. The fight here is for everyone's pensions and everyone's future."

Around Westover and Bridgwater in general there were picket lines at the Job Centre and Bridgwater House. Schools were closed along with the Town Library from where librarian and Labour Party member Liz Leavy (right) joined the demo and said "I'm not used to being applauded on demonstrations- so this is a first for me!"

Sedgemoor Unison member Tim Mander said "There was a very encouraging response from Unison members within Sedgemoor District Council branch. A picket was in place from 7am to 10am, after which a number of the strikers withdrew to Wetherspoons for a hearty breakfast and then made their way to Taunton for the March and rally"