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posted 21 Mar 2012, 03:30 by Westover Labour   [ updated 21 Mar 2012, 07:33 ]
Westover Councillor Kathy Pearce is concerned about the potential threat to Bridgwater railway station posed by the McNulty report and is encouraging people to get involved with the campaign group 'Friends of Bridgwater Station"  to help save it. 

Kathy says "Bridgwater Railway Station is an essential asset to the town.  Rail travelers have already experienced severe cutbacks but it remains a vital link to the rest of the network on a main line, taking traffic away from our heavily congested roads.   Its value to the town grows as a necessity as the cost of fuel increases."

"During this time, whilst profits to shareholders have risen (many of whom are foreign state owned railway networks, who invest in UK rail franchises in order to subsidise their own services), rail users and staff employed on the railways have faced stringent cuts and price rises.  Alongside this, in real terms public subsidies to the railways have increased by 300%.  Essentially, we are paying dearly for privatisation."

 The McNulty Report considers further massive cuts, putting 675 stations at risk with front-line staff at stations and guards once more bearing the brunt.

Kathy added "What this means for rail users at Bridgwater is a station completely devoid of staff to offer advice, no one to ensure that the elderly, disabled, young families get on and off the trains safely and passengers’ safety put at risk as there will be no guards on board to call if a problem arises – the driver will be the only member of staff on that train with you."

"We cannot afford to lose any more services in the town and now is the time to make a stand.  Please contact me if you wish to join a wider group and be put in touch with others who are fighting these proposals. Look out for the newly formed campaign group Friends of Bridgwater Station or go on-line to sign the Together for transport petition."

 "A staffed Bridgwater station and guards on board trains are not luxuries, they are necessities."

 Kathy can be contacted via The 'Together for Transport' site can be accessed by clicking the image above.