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posted 11 Sep 2012, 12:59 by Westover Labour
Several months after the production of the Land Survey by Westover Councillor Brian Smedley, Sedgemoor District Council have finally got round to calling a meeting to put the options available to the skating community...still, that's  a blink of an eye compared with the length of time it's taken for the Council to respond to Bridgwater Skaters requests for a skatepark, which first came to light in the early  middle ages, were brought to the attention of the clerk of works during the Napoleonic wars  and were passed by council in the late autumn of 2006.  

A meeting has been called for Wednesday 12th September at 5.30 and will be held at TRINITY HALL on St Saviours avenue in Bridgwater.

The event is open to everyone and  Sedgemoor say they hope for a good cross section of   Skaters, Bladers, BMX'ers and Scooterers.
The purpose of the meeting will be to present the 3 pieces of land  which came top of the land survey report to the skating community who can then vote as to which one Sedgemoor should proceed with. 

voting machines

The meeting will be co-ordinated by Becky Shewell, a young volunteer worker at Sedgemoor, and Rob Semple, who has obtained some 60 'voting machines' from his work with the Youth Parliament so that people can vote secretly without being influenced by others.

The 3 sites under consideration are Coronation Park on Parkway in Dunwear Ward, Victoria Park-where a minipark is already in situ in the Victoria ward and the YMCA along the canal bank in Westover.

Becky said "The aim of the meeting is to present the shortlist to potential users and get a mandate for the location for the possible new wheels sports facility. We want to hear  what you have to say! That will include setting up a User group who will then engage with us and with potential skatepark companies for the next stage which is getting it built."

get the thing built

Westover councillor Brian Smedley said "I would urge people to engage with this exercise, make the decision, get the neccessary experts in and get the thing built before skateboarding goes out of fashion. This means getting on the user group and making sure that what is delivered is what people want and where they want it. I have asked chairman Cllr John Swayne to ensure that this is a meeting open to everyone and that they don;t need to register in advance but can turn up on the night.  "