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Our association was created to support this completely free site:

The last General Assembly approved the various points of the order of day. Look at the page :  GENERAL MEETING

You can pay now, your 15€ contribution for year 2021.

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President :



" Welcome to our association

First of all I would salute your spontaneity, your enthusiasm which manifested itself when it was requested. It goes straight to my heart because it is the bearer of a message that goes far beyond the simple desire to contribute financially to the operation of the site: it is clear that what motivates you all is the sustainability of the site!

Indeed, so far this site only worked through my own action, that of Yves Costel who graciously provides us with an excellent bridge program under the Wbridge5 form or in that of its DLL Wbridge5 without its playing interface. I do not forget of course Alain Jupeau alias lokeneur, who designed and maintains the interface to play from a browser. And I think we all have to thank Albert Anzil alias Betta, who offers us every day the problem of the first deal.

And now, it is to find the words to ensure continuity of the site, which I recall solemnly that aims to offer everyone the opportunity to train for free to play bridge as much for fun as for promoting the practice of this game we love so much. Only members are expected to contribute to its operation. This means that when I would step down, or that fate will decide that I can not fulfill the function of the site host, it will find a way to replace me. Although I mention this transition, I want to reassure you that it is not my intention to give up soon: the support you have given me fills me with energy for some time if it were needed."