Training & Education

Training & Education events are held in The Strawbale and its rural environment, for up to 8 people, or at a location of your choosing.  

We offer:
  • Tailor-made indoor or outdoor training or taught events to meet your needs
  • Delivery of your own programme (depending on content), 
  • Delivery of our own programmes on the following specialist topics:
    • Therapeutic play and Play Therapy Skills
    • Self-Care 
    • Active listening skills for managers, teachers, teams and partners
    • Group dynamics and Group Work
    • Attachment Theory and applications in teaching
    • Chronic, Acute and Developmental Trauma 
    • Team-building 
    • Bereavement and Traumatic Bereavement
    • Infant Mental Health
Each includes:
  • personal reflection
  • shared reflection 
  • participative experiential exercises
  • feedback and evaluation, at the time and, if possible, 6 months after training.

and is overseen by professional trainer, Hannah Bridge
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.