The Strawbale

The Strawbale is a straw-baled turf-roofed small building with three rooms and disability access.  It’s based within the Environmentally Sensitive Area of The Stiperstones, and has access to its own woodland, orchard, meadow, brook and farm animals.   It’s accessible by car, bus/train and is very central to the whole of the UK.  Click here to find The Strawbale   
The Strawbale networks with, and/or hosts:
● a wide range of therapies and creative events for children, adults, pairs/trios/groups and families throughout the year.  
 self-catered or catered Retreats for individuals or parents (see below);  
 a wide range of complementary healing practitioners (hyperlink to page of events as above)

Retreats at The Strawbale
 A ‘retreat’ from your everyday life, within the gentle curved walls of  The Strawbale, can provide time and space for refreshment and renewal.  We offer four types of ‘retreat’ for individuals and for parents: self-catered, catered, camping, day.  Various therapies can be booked during a Retreat. If you have your own idea about how you want to retreat, simply email us and we can discuss your needs and thoughts. To find out more and about availability, click here.

Parent retreats
For a host of reasons, many of us end up parenting without the help of grandparents or other relatives.  The 24/7 nature of caring for our children can leave us feeling depleted, to a dangerous point, from sleep and personal space.  Mums, Dads, Carers, Couples, or a family (max two children) short-break in The Strawbale come to rest and recuperate in a gentle rural environment.  If you wish, you can also book supportive care and caretaking of your children with DB-checked experienced adults.  You can also opt to spend time with an experienced child therapist to talk about parenting concerns.