Play Therapy

Play Therapy is a special confidential* time spent with toys, art materials and an experienced qualified play therapist.   Sessions usually happen regularly for a period of time.    

Play is natural to all mammals and forms an important part of our  social, emotional, neurological and physical development.  Play is our first natural way to solve problems, to explore the world, to develop, learn and to communicate.  Play Therapy provides a safe space to express and explore, to make sense of the ups and downs of life and relationships, and to resolve difficulties.  To find a list of some of the problems that Play Therapy can address please click on the relevant age band: Ages 1-6, Ages 6-11, Ages 12-18. This list will never be complete, so if your child is behaving in a way that concerns you and is not listed, please make contact. 

Play Therapy, is suitable for people of all ages, not just children!  Adolescents, adults and older people can all benefit from a creative approach in their therapy.  To find out more about the way I can work with you or your child,  please click here.  

I work in schools, clinics and from my own premises, The Strawbale, in central Shropshire. If you have any questions, just click here and I’ll respond just as soon as I can.  Alternatively, you may find the answer already here. You can watch a video on Play Therapy here.